New Release by Randi Fang – Taken #3

Taken_EC3_sloganA third Erotic Vampire Confession by Randi Fang is now available! Check it out 🙂

About Taken #3

In a rare opportunity to meet an ancient vampire, Randi Fang, blogger and 21st century vampire, heads to Paris to interview a woman known as the Demon Queen. Her story is one that will test Randi’s limits and open-mindedness because her tale is too astonishing to swallow. (Cover by Ally Thomas, Author of The Vampire from Hell series)

Reading Level: ADULT CONTENT! FOR Open-Minded Mature Readers, 18+

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Third Interview Introduction

Being a vampire, I like to think I’m open-minded to all things, or almost all things.  I listen to other vampires confess their deepest, darkest secrets, if they so choose, and I can’t judge them.  Or at least I shouldn’t.  I sympathize with them.  I cry with them.  I give them a venue to share what they want to share.  That’s what this quest of mine is all about.

Sometimes, however, my sanity is challenged and I struggle to not form some type of opinion when I hear a confession.  This is one of those times.

I met Diane many years after she had been turned from a human into a vampire, many years after she had assumed her role as the Demon Queen, and many years after she had walked away from her lover, Satan.

From time to time, I had heard stories about virgins being kidnapped by monsters and taken to another world.  Being a 21st century vampire, I didn’t really pay attention to such stories.  I blew them off as urban legends or silly fairy tales perverted humans shared with one another in order to get a rise out of the other.

Leaving Max, my wolfhound home, I caught the last flight to France.  After I met Diane at a coffee shop near the museum district in downtown Paris on a balmy Sunday afternoon, my opinion about these ‘Taken’ stories greatly changed and I realized that sometimes even though I’m a vampire, I don’t know everything about the true darkness hiding out there.

Starting the Interview

Interview by Randi Fang with Diane, the Demon Queen.  Recorded July 16, 2014 in Paris, France, soon after sunset.

“Thank you for waiting for me.  I do apologize.  I didn’t realize traffic would be so bad.” I collapsed in the chair, slinging my backpack and keys on the table.

“It’s quite alright.  I enjoyed watching the sunset.”

“You saw it?” Immediately I was amazed with the interview subject before me, a 4,000 year old vampire who had been referred in the past as the Demon Queen.  Now she simply went by the name, Diane.

“There are advantages to getting old, as the humans would say.  I’m enjoying longer evenings more often now.  Actually I had hoped you’d be late, so I could take advantage of seeing it.  I rise just before dusk now, but I don’t get out to the city as often as I’d like.”

“I understand,” I muttered, trying not to let on that I was rather nervous sitting across from this female vampire.  She was probably the oldest vampire I had ever interviewed, and suddenly saying something stupid in front of her worried me greatly.  Being less than one hundred years old meant I wasn’t a super-strength vampire.  At least not yet.  This woman before me had to be stronger than I could imagine.  Yet she didn’t look threatening.  Quite the contrary.  She seemed reserved, delicate like a china doll, and almost kind like a thoughtful human.  Her hair was hidden under the hood of her long, flowing satin cloak, but I could see wisps of her strawberry red hair surrounding her face.  I tried not to catch my breath when a glimpse of her face came into my view beneath the dim street lamps.  A porcelain mask shown back at me, full ruby, red lips, high cheek bones, and shining reddish orange eyes, the color of volcanic lava, and as rumor would have it, the reason she had been called the Demon Queen.

“I don’t want to scare you,” she began in a quiet voice.  She shifted her legs beneath the table and sat a snakeskin Prada bag next to my belongings.

I hadn’t really seen her lips move, but I had heard her just the same.  Unsure what to say, my eyes registered on her neck and cleavage, her ivory skin seemed unblemished and amazingly translucent as if her body comprised a solid state of white mist instead of flesh.  Her dark clothes only accentuated that fact.

“May I speak to your mind as I tell my story?  It will be much easier.”

“Telepathy, you mean?”  My eyes traveled up to meet hers again.

She nodded.

Attempting to break our eye contact, I glanced down at my recording device.  My fingers quivered a bit as I searched for the Play button.  I wondered if I had enough memory to record what I foresaw as a lengthy interview.  What have I gotten myself into?

Before I knew it, she had my hand in her grasp.  Cold and deadly.  “My dear,” she began.  “I want to put you at ease.  I mean you no harm.  I’m actually quite taken with you, if I may say so.  You are doing something few in this world would dare do, and I commend you for it.  Truly.  Just relax and let out minds connect.  I only have a few hours, then I must go hunting.  You can join me, if you like.”

Slowly I let out a sigh of relief, maybe it was relief or more likely just a hope that I could focus my thoughts and concentrate on her every word.

“What do you want to tell me tonight?” I asked.

“My turning, many months after I was taken away by Satan.  I think that will be enough in one sitting.  Don’t you?”

Failing to form the words, I sat still.  I couldn’t reply.  I knew this was too great a challenge for me.  What had happened to her really?  She looked unlike any other vampire I had ever seen.

“This will help you,” Diane stated.  Taking her finger into her mouth, she bit down on her index finger.  Then she presented it to me.  “It’s just a drop of my blood, but it will help you get through this.  Drink, my child.”

Obeying her command without the least moment of hesitation, I took her finger into my grasp, licking away the small amount of blood she wanted to share with me.  The minute the liquid seeped down my throat, our minds were connected.


Diane’s Confession

I’m sure this story is going to be quite shocking to you, Randi.  Thinking over it again, I can understand that it would be to any novice human.  But you have to remember, I lived in a time when magic was very real.  Gods and demons exchanged relationships with humans, and getting the chance to be in their presence was a gift.

My parent died on my twentieth birthday.  Being an only child with few friends or suitors, I was extremely lost without them.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t resist when I was kidnapped by the dark lord.  I didn’t struggle to run away from his grasp, so I became Satan’s play thing.

I welcomed him when he came to me that last night before he turned me.  There was a ravenous desire in my stomach I could not deny.  I wanted him now more than ever.  I had grown to love Satan ever since he had taken me from my home on Earth many months ago.  Now I enjoyed our nightly lovemaking and knew trusting my heart to let the demon dwell inside me was the smartest move I had ever made.  That night, long ago, when he had first appeared in my room, stayed with me like the satisfaction of a warm blood meal in my belly.

When Satan had carried me off to this other world to be his highest-ranking sex pet, I hoped he would turn me into a demon like him.  However, he had not, not yet.  Ever since my parents had died, I had not wanted to continue living as a human.  At twenty years old, I was certain of that fact.  Satan was my way out, my way into a new world, a new destiny.  Maybe I wanted that more and more every day than I wanted the demon.  Of course, I had ambitions beyond most young girls’ comprehension of right and wrong.  I dreamed of living with my demon lover forever.  Perhaps one day, I would become his queen.  Unfortunately, things did not turn out like that exactly.


Diane paused for a moment.  “Do you understand?”

I nodded, letting the magnitude of her story wash over me.  Kidnapped by Satan.  Taken into a world of sex and pleasure unlike anything humans had known.  A chosen pet.  A future of unforeseen desires and delights.  It was hard to comprehend.

She continued, “Looking back now some three thousand and eighty years, I can understand why this would seem odd, even disgusting.  I had never been with a mortal man, so I didn’t know what to expect.  But, Randi, before you judge me – as all do – think of this, do humans cast an approving eye upon your nature?  When you drain their sister or brother of their blood do you still have their sympathy?”

I nodded again.  “You’re right.  I’m starting this all wrong.  I shouldn’t be a hypocrite.  I’m sorry.”

A flash of her hand waving in the air and a slow smile creasing her face made me realize I had been forgiven, at least for the time being.

“I played the hand I was dealt.  It’s as simple as that,” Diane concluded.  “I’d expect you would have done the same, my dear.”



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