Sizzling Hot New Series – Shannon by Shane North

Author Shane North arrives on the Publishing scene today with his first book in an awesome upcoming series called The Angelis Vampire Series. Shannon, Book 1 and a sizzling hot Release party on Facebook. (Click here to join.)

I sat down with Shane the other day and asked him a few questions about his new career as a writer and his first book, Shannon. We’ve got a wonderful new voice in the realm of vampire fiction here. Be sure to pick up Shannon by Shane North soon!

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What is your book about and what genre are you writing in?

I love anything paranormal and if you add romance, the possibilities are endless. Nothing loves the way an immortal does. They have beauty, and passion that could move a mountain to get to their mate.

Shannon is about a young woman who lives a wonderful normal life in South Beach, except for her nightmares. They started when she was young and have haunted her nights every since. In her nightmares she leads the battle between good and evil. Her warriors are vampires and werewolves. Beside her is the love of her life. A sandy haired man who she met when the nightmares started. As she grew older, she knew her love for Simon was real and some day she would meet him.

She was adopted and never knew her real family. Everything changes quickly when her step parents are brutally murdered. She finds out her best friend, Caitlyn, is a werewolf and Caitlyns dad, which she looked at as a father figure in her life, is the alpha of the pack. The turmoil continues to escalate for her when her uncle Damon comes into her life. He holds the key to her past and her future. Damon is the vampire lord of Europe, and he comes from another time dimension named Angelis. A medieval place controlled by the Royals. A race of true vampires with power and magic this world has never seen.

In the first book of the series Shannon grows and learns to cope with her new life. She learns  who she is and what the Fates have planned for her. She meets her mate and tries to understand the rules the immortal race lives by. The essence of her true parents becomes a part of her when she touches their picture and she finally feels a parent’s love. Her saving grace in all of this is the fact that she worked for Navy Intel during her military life and she was very good at killing her targets.

What inspired you to write your first book?

I have always loved to write, but I never took the time to do so until I retired. My oldest granddaughter and I have always had a close bond. We have spent hours talking about her challenges as she matured and I have always tried to help her understand the world. That being said, Damon and Shanon’s relationship is similar. Shannon struggles to grow and figure out her life. Damon is always a step ahead and tries to lead her in the right direction to discover her true life.

What would you say makes your vampires unique to the paranormal genre?

My vampires have powers that come from their heritage as true Royal vampires. They move about in daylight and slip time to travel. I try to make them believable as a family unit. Whenever Shannon tries to get away with something, Damon always knows. They have werewolves as family members, and fight side by side. And then there’s Shamn Neeb. The powerful Shaman that has been with Damon’s family for centuries. A counter balance between good and evil.

What do you like about your main vampire character?

 I love Shannon because of her fight to get it right. She’s the strongest and most powerful immortal to ever exist, but she hasn’t learnt everything. She sees life as right or wrong. She looks at Damon as just a man and loves his human side. Her other uncle, Keegan, who is Caitlyn dad, is still a father figure. It doesn’t matter that he’s the alpha for several thousand werewolves. He’s still Keegan, and they have hot chocolate together and laugh about life.

Is there one particular thing your vampires can do or vampire myth that you enjoyed creating for this series?

I really enjoyed the Angelis side of the story. A medieval dimension, the Royals. Who are they and where did they come from? And what is Shaman Neebs story?



As my eyes closed and I took my last breath, I heard footsteps approaching…

I am Conner O’Callaghan, the oldest alpha werewolf and a direct descendant of the original Irish pack.  I was born in the County Offaly, along the River Shannon, in the year 1663.  This was when the alpha leader, Aedan MacConin bit me and I turned into a werewolf.

I am an immortal.

Callidora was my loving vampire mate, an ancient Greek who lived on Crete in 1158 AD.  She came from another time dimension named Angelis, with her vampire brother, Damon.  They were forced to leave their homeland by their power-hungry uncle, Kyran.  The warlock, Shaman Neeb, slid time and transported them to our time dimension.  He saved their lives and royal bloodline.  In this dimension, they have the power of gods.  Damon became my best friend in later years, along with Shaman Neeb; Damon was never far from his sister.

Callidora and I broke all the rules by creating a new breed of immortal.  We named our daughter Shannon, after the river I played in when I was a boy in Ireland.  She was the impossible miracle that came from our love.  A werewolf and vampire cannot produce a child together, but because Callidora was from another dimension, we were so much more than normal.

Shannon was a beautiful baby, but she did not exhibit any signs or scent of being immortal and could pass for a human in every way.  We knew Shannon was special…signs or not… and that someday she would become the strongest immortal alive.  However, at what age she would change from human to Angelian, we did not know.  We knew it would happen when she needed her powers.

By creating this new species, we knew we would pay with our lives.  The wolves and vampires have always followed the unspoken rule to kill the breeders and offspring, thus ending the cycle of life for those they feared or hated.  The slaughter of my village started at midnight, as the immortals attacked in full force and killed at will.  The slayers that massacred my pack were a mix of vampires and wolves, which would prevent the blame from falling on one race.  Cries of death carried into the night as the bloodbath raged.  The vampires and wolves were fighting together to end Shannon’s life as we all fought back, but we were outnumbered ten to one.

As my last breaths came and I felt my heart beating its last few beats, I knew my life would soon be over.  As I lay dying, I knew Damon felt the cries from Callidora as we fought for our daughter’s life.  As my eyes closed and I took my last breath, I heard footsteps approaching…

This is Shannon’s story… Callidora and I will never leave her side.


The Nightmare

I stood in the corner of my adoptive parents’ bedroom.  I felt very strange as I looked around.  I was wearing my navy camouflage!  On my hips rested my pair of .45s and I held my scoped AR tightly in my hands.  Was I back in Afghanistan?  No, I could feel the cool breeze blowing through the windows of their Florida home as Mike and Mary Murphy slept calmly.  I looked at their clock.  It was close to midnight when Mike woke up suddenly to the sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs.  He turned on the light and reached for his glasses as the bedroom door burst open.  There, standing in the doorway, were two large men with glowing red eyes with a deadly look about them.  I screamed as Mike reached for Mary and tried to pull her close; a bullet blasted the back half of her head onto her pillow.  I dropped to my knees as I watched helplessly as a second bullet blew through Mike’s head.  He fell against the headboard of their bed, silently.  Death came quickly and, once again, the night was silent.  I cried at the loss of the only parents I have ever known.

The half-morphed wolves smiled at one another as they shifted back to their human form.  The silver-haired man named Angelo spoke, “She’s not here, Lucas.  I didn’t think killing her would be this easy.  The Assembly will be pissed if they hear she got away from us.”

Lucas, big and mean, was cursing as he looked at the bed.  “We need to locate her quickly.  I’m not sending in a report saying we failed this.  The Assembly will have our heads if we screw this up.”

I followed them in spirit, if not in form, down the stairs as they left the house quickly and jumped into their car.  I could hear the sirens coming.  I was sitting in the back seat of their car as Lucas pulled out a dossier.  “Let’s find out more about this freak.  It says here, she’s about 5’9”, with curly auburn hair and emerald green eyes.”  Angelo snapped, “We already know that.  What else does it say?”  Lucas continued, “She’s supposed to be an expert in martial arts, with a quick temper and an attitude to match.  She spent three years in Navy Intelligence and was one of their best agents.  Her best friend is a little blonde named Caitlyn.”

“This is a bunch of bullshit, Lucas.  Time to call our informant.  We’ll find this freak and kill the bitch, and then we will get a bonus, instead of losing our heads.”

I woke up angry, tears flowing like a waterfall; heartbroken knowing I had just witnessed my adoptive parents’ murder.  But I was in full camo and ready for battle.  Why?

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About the Author

Shane North believes every day is amazing.  The world is truly full of miracles and the things that go bump in the night are beautiful.  Writing paranormal fantasy and paranormal romance is an extension of those thoughts.  His vampires and werewolves are immortal creatures leading an extraordinary life in our world.  They live, love, and breed new races, but add in the Royals.  Pureblood vampires from a different time dimension, a powerful Shaman, and you have a magic more powerful than the immortal world has ever seen.

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New Release by Randi Fang – Taken #3

Taken_EC3_sloganA third Erotic Vampire Confession by Randi Fang is now available! Check it out 🙂

About Taken #3

In a rare opportunity to meet an ancient vampire, Randi Fang, blogger and 21st century vampire, heads to Paris to interview a woman known as the Demon Queen. Her story is one that will test Randi’s limits and open-mindedness because her tale is too astonishing to swallow. (Cover by Ally Thomas, Author of The Vampire from Hell series)

Reading Level: ADULT CONTENT! FOR Open-Minded Mature Readers, 18+

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Third Interview Introduction

Being a vampire, I like to think I’m open-minded to all things, or almost all things.  I listen to other vampires confess their deepest, darkest secrets, if they so choose, and I can’t judge them.  Or at least I shouldn’t.  I sympathize with them.  I cry with them.  I give them a venue to share what they want to share.  That’s what this quest of mine is all about.

Sometimes, however, my sanity is challenged and I struggle to not form some type of opinion when I hear a confession.  This is one of those times.

I met Diane many years after she had been turned from a human into a vampire, many years after she had assumed her role as the Demon Queen, and many years after she had walked away from her lover, Satan.

From time to time, I had heard stories about virgins being kidnapped by monsters and taken to another world.  Being a 21st century vampire, I didn’t really pay attention to such stories.  I blew them off as urban legends or silly fairy tales perverted humans shared with one another in order to get a rise out of the other.

Leaving Max, my wolfhound home, I caught the last flight to France.  After I met Diane at a coffee shop near the museum district in downtown Paris on a balmy Sunday afternoon, my opinion about these ‘Taken’ stories greatly changed and I realized that sometimes even though I’m a vampire, I don’t know everything about the true darkness hiding out there.

Starting the Interview

Interview by Randi Fang with Diane, the Demon Queen.  Recorded July 16, 2014 in Paris, France, soon after sunset.

“Thank you for waiting for me.  I do apologize.  I didn’t realize traffic would be so bad.” I collapsed in the chair, slinging my backpack and keys on the table.

“It’s quite alright.  I enjoyed watching the sunset.”

“You saw it?” Immediately I was amazed with the interview subject before me, a 4,000 year old vampire who had been referred in the past as the Demon Queen.  Now she simply went by the name, Diane.

“There are advantages to getting old, as the humans would say.  I’m enjoying longer evenings more often now.  Actually I had hoped you’d be late, so I could take advantage of seeing it.  I rise just before dusk now, but I don’t get out to the city as often as I’d like.”

“I understand,” I muttered, trying not to let on that I was rather nervous sitting across from this female vampire.  She was probably the oldest vampire I had ever interviewed, and suddenly saying something stupid in front of her worried me greatly.  Being less than one hundred years old meant I wasn’t a super-strength vampire.  At least not yet.  This woman before me had to be stronger than I could imagine.  Yet she didn’t look threatening.  Quite the contrary.  She seemed reserved, delicate like a china doll, and almost kind like a thoughtful human.  Her hair was hidden under the hood of her long, flowing satin cloak, but I could see wisps of her strawberry red hair surrounding her face.  I tried not to catch my breath when a glimpse of her face came into my view beneath the dim street lamps.  A porcelain mask shown back at me, full ruby, red lips, high cheek bones, and shining reddish orange eyes, the color of volcanic lava, and as rumor would have it, the reason she had been called the Demon Queen.

“I don’t want to scare you,” she began in a quiet voice.  She shifted her legs beneath the table and sat a snakeskin Prada bag next to my belongings.

I hadn’t really seen her lips move, but I had heard her just the same.  Unsure what to say, my eyes registered on her neck and cleavage, her ivory skin seemed unblemished and amazingly translucent as if her body comprised a solid state of white mist instead of flesh.  Her dark clothes only accentuated that fact.

“May I speak to your mind as I tell my story?  It will be much easier.”

“Telepathy, you mean?”  My eyes traveled up to meet hers again.

She nodded.

Attempting to break our eye contact, I glanced down at my recording device.  My fingers quivered a bit as I searched for the Play button.  I wondered if I had enough memory to record what I foresaw as a lengthy interview.  What have I gotten myself into?

Before I knew it, she had my hand in her grasp.  Cold and deadly.  “My dear,” she began.  “I want to put you at ease.  I mean you no harm.  I’m actually quite taken with you, if I may say so.  You are doing something few in this world would dare do, and I commend you for it.  Truly.  Just relax and let out minds connect.  I only have a few hours, then I must go hunting.  You can join me, if you like.”

Slowly I let out a sigh of relief, maybe it was relief or more likely just a hope that I could focus my thoughts and concentrate on her every word.

“What do you want to tell me tonight?” I asked.

“My turning, many months after I was taken away by Satan.  I think that will be enough in one sitting.  Don’t you?”

Failing to form the words, I sat still.  I couldn’t reply.  I knew this was too great a challenge for me.  What had happened to her really?  She looked unlike any other vampire I had ever seen.

“This will help you,” Diane stated.  Taking her finger into her mouth, she bit down on her index finger.  Then she presented it to me.  “It’s just a drop of my blood, but it will help you get through this.  Drink, my child.”

Obeying her command without the least moment of hesitation, I took her finger into my grasp, licking away the small amount of blood she wanted to share with me.  The minute the liquid seeped down my throat, our minds were connected.


Diane’s Confession

I’m sure this story is going to be quite shocking to you, Randi.  Thinking over it again, I can understand that it would be to any novice human.  But you have to remember, I lived in a time when magic was very real.  Gods and demons exchanged relationships with humans, and getting the chance to be in their presence was a gift.

My parent died on my twentieth birthday.  Being an only child with few friends or suitors, I was extremely lost without them.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t resist when I was kidnapped by the dark lord.  I didn’t struggle to run away from his grasp, so I became Satan’s play thing.

I welcomed him when he came to me that last night before he turned me.  There was a ravenous desire in my stomach I could not deny.  I wanted him now more than ever.  I had grown to love Satan ever since he had taken me from my home on Earth many months ago.  Now I enjoyed our nightly lovemaking and knew trusting my heart to let the demon dwell inside me was the smartest move I had ever made.  That night, long ago, when he had first appeared in my room, stayed with me like the satisfaction of a warm blood meal in my belly.

When Satan had carried me off to this other world to be his highest-ranking sex pet, I hoped he would turn me into a demon like him.  However, he had not, not yet.  Ever since my parents had died, I had not wanted to continue living as a human.  At twenty years old, I was certain of that fact.  Satan was my way out, my way into a new world, a new destiny.  Maybe I wanted that more and more every day than I wanted the demon.  Of course, I had ambitions beyond most young girls’ comprehension of right and wrong.  I dreamed of living with my demon lover forever.  Perhaps one day, I would become his queen.  Unfortunately, things did not turn out like that exactly.


Diane paused for a moment.  “Do you understand?”

I nodded, letting the magnitude of her story wash over me.  Kidnapped by Satan.  Taken into a world of sex and pleasure unlike anything humans had known.  A chosen pet.  A future of unforeseen desires and delights.  It was hard to comprehend.

She continued, “Looking back now some three thousand and eighty years, I can understand why this would seem odd, even disgusting.  I had never been with a mortal man, so I didn’t know what to expect.  But, Randi, before you judge me – as all do – think of this, do humans cast an approving eye upon your nature?  When you drain their sister or brother of their blood do you still have their sympathy?”

I nodded again.  “You’re right.  I’m starting this all wrong.  I shouldn’t be a hypocrite.  I’m sorry.”

A flash of her hand waving in the air and a slow smile creasing her face made me realize I had been forgiven, at least for the time being.

“I played the hand I was dealt.  It’s as simple as that,” Diane concluded.  “I’d expect you would have done the same, my dear.”



Alyssa Andrews ventures too far into the Dark forest #upcoming #allythomas #werewolves

As the werewolf invasion continues, I have several writing projects in the works. This excerpt is from ‘Claiming the Wolf,’ a paranormal romance featuring werewolves.

About Claiming the Wolf

One night when Alyssa Andrews ventures too far into the Dark forest, a place her grandmother told her never to explore, she discovers a mysterious stranger. His mission becomes her own as they flee the evil force destroying the forest. Soon Alyssa realizes she’s in danger of losing her heart, and more perhaps, to this werewolf shapeshifter if she joins him in his fight. Will she walk away from true love again?

Cover by Cora Graphics

Cover by Cora Graphics


When the man on top of her finally woke up, Alyssa Andrews wasn’t sure she had seen what she thought she had seen. However, she knew better than to try to move. Being under his weight, it was certainly impossible to do so. He had been out maybe ten or fifteen minutes. Now as he gazed at her, rubbing his head, she noticed how undeniably good looking he was. Alyssa scoffed at her immediate attraction to the guy. She knew how to pick the wrong sort of man every time and this dude had tall, dark, yet totally dangerous written all over him. “This is what I get for taking a midnight drive,” Alyssa said to herself.

Despite her immediate defenses to wiggle her way out from under him and run like hell, she watched as he sat up on his knees in front of her. Alyssa stayed very still, waiting to see what he’d do next. Alyssa was no dummy, but she couldn’t help but admire his attractive frame and body. He was lean, yet muscular with amazing wavy brown hair and pale blue eyes. His blue jeans fit snuggled on him, but he wore no shirt or shoes. Perhaps he was her age, she wondered. Maybe late 20s or early 30s? It was hard to tell because his eyes suddenly turned dark and stormy, despite the light hue as he grew accustomed to his surroundings. His eyes even seemed to glow in the lowlight of the street lamps near the edge of the forest where they had fallen. He had extraordinary eyes that now were darker than sapphires. He seemed agitated, glancing left and right and running his hand through his hair like his skull was on fire. “He’s probably a psycho,” Alyssa said to herself. Her grandmother’s words zoomed into her head. “Most shifters are ‘unbalanced’ at best, but they mean well and they protect us.”

This man before Alyssa looked like he had been through a lot, despite his young age. That she could tell already. And she knew the stories her grandmother had told her about the evil lurking in the Dark forest, how the shifters kept the peace and protected the city from the Draconians, a clan of vampires who wanted to claim the city and deplete it of its natural resources. Alyssa thought it was all just fairy tales her grandmother had conjured up until now. What she had witnessed tonight was no fairy tale.

The fact she had met this man only moments ago didn’t bother Alyssa. She knew he’d probably return to the forest and be out of her life as quickly as he had fallen into it, quite literally. The fact that he had shifted from a massive wolf into a human and had landed on her didn’t bother her either. Her grandmother had prepared her long ago and had educated her about the Dark forest and its secrets. Instead, this stranger intrigued Alyssa, and that worried her more than the fact a shifter was outside the Dark forest. When their eyes finally met, Alyssa knew the real danger she was in. His eyes had suddenly revived her hollow heart. His presence radiated a vitality that drew her in like a magnet. And for the first time in a long time, Alyssa felt alive.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I think so,” Alyssa replied.

“Good, we’ve got to go.” Grabbing her up like a ragdoll by her small wrist, the man brought Alyssa to her feet.

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” Alyssa attempted to wrestle herself out of the man’s grasp. “Go back where you came from.” She pointed at the tall trees at the edge of the park.

“You want to live?” His blue eyes blazed at her and Alyssa nodded in agreement before her mind had a chance to object. “Great,” she thought to herself. “I’m already saying yes to this guy.”

When a high-pitched scream shot out from the forest, what seemed only a few hundred feet from them, Alyssa froze. The man moved close to her, pulling her into his arms and close to his chest. He towered over her some four or five inches and Alyssa felt the cool skin of his naked chest envelope her face.

“They’ll kill us both, so I suggest we leave now. I barely made it out alive,” he growled under his breath.

Dazed yet amazed, Alyssa gazed up at the tall, dark, and handsome man before her. His sudden invasion of her space made Alyssa’s mouth go dry. “What do you mean?” she whispered.

“No time to explain. They’ve killed the others. I’m the last one.”

Realizing the full weight of his words, Alyssa squeezed his hand. If he was a protector of the forest, as all the shifters were, and the others were dead, then that meant they all were in danger. “My bike.” Alyssa nodded toward an Elm tree, standing alone in the forest not far from the forest edge. She prayed her motorcycle bike was still there.

“Can that carry both of us,” he asked.

“You got a better idea?”

Another high-pitched scream pierced the night air.

Both Alyssa and the stranger froze in each other’s grasp. His body was hard as a rock. Alyssa couldn’t tell if it was fear or a call to action that made him rigid and she didn’t care. If those screams where from a clan of vampires about to descend upon the city, it didn’t matter. They had to move fast and find a place to hide. Alyssa knew just the place.

“Follow me,” Alyssa whispered as carefully turned around in the stranger’s arms, pulled him close, and led him to her bike.

She tossed him an extra helmet and cranked up the refurbished Ducati race motorcycle her father had left her.

The man wrapped his arms around her tightly and Alyssa felt her heart lurch. The motorcycle lurched too and off they fled to her grandmother’s house.


Series title is currently unknown. Learn more about upcoming releases by Ally Thomas at My Books. Blood of the Gods (Part 5) is still in development. A Summer 2014 release is expected.

A New Gun In Town! Casey’s Gunslinger Release – March 7th #steamy #western #romance


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There’s a new gun in town!  Casey’s Gunslinger is due to release March 7th.  I’d love to see you at the party!  Here’s the link:

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My special guest authors will be Ally Thomas of The Vampire From Hell series

and Wendy Ely, author of the very steamy, Dangerous Flames, (Mafia Hearts).

Wendy Ely is a contemporary romance author. She writes some romantic suspense, really hot stories, and the wonderful happily-ever-after. Take a ride in the waves of passion and romance with a book by Wendy Ely.


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Now for a little trivia.  Hint:  This info could be useful in playing the games at the party, so read on!

Did you know I love animals?  I have six dogs, two cats and once owned a beautiful, white Tennessee Walking horse named, McCloud.

I love to garden, write and play with my three grandchildren (the oldest being 3).  Can we say exhausted!

Living in Louisiana, I enjoy being outside with nature at it’s best.  Loads of trees, flowers and mosquitoes. If you follow HBO’s True Blood, you know the corridor along Interstate 20 in north Louisiana is nicknamed “Sookie land” after the heroine in Charlene Harris’ books.  I live just north of the 1-20.


People ask me all the time, where I get the ideas for my characters.  These come from imagination, dreams and life around me.  The old adage which says, “be nice to me or you might end up in one of my books”, is absolutely true.

I take my writing seriously and do my best to put you, the reader, inside the pages of my books.  I want you to feel and understand what the characters are dealing with and why they respond the way they do.  You may recall in the first book of The Loflin Legacy series, Comanche Haven, Seth Loflin dealt with discovering the woman from his past was back and despite his best efforts someone wanted to steal her away.  In Casey’s Gunslinger, Seth plays a secondary character role and his story is told from two new and different viewpoints, Casey St. Clair and Charles Harrison’s.  I hope you’ll enjoy the overlap in the stories and be sure and read Comanche Haven first in order to see how the story unfolds more thoroughly in book 2, Casey’s Gunslinger.

You can get a copy of Comanche Haven, The Loflin Legacy series, #2 at all the major outlets including Amazon.  Click on the book cover to begin your journey into the Wild West with Catherine Wolffe.


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New Western Romance by Catherine Wolffe & Giveaway

Today Friday, March 7th, Catherine has released the second book in her western romance series, The Loflin Legacy. Join us for the Facebook event for Casey’s Gunslinger. Click here or on the banner below.

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About Casey’s Gunslinger

When Casey St. Clair returns to Tyler to locate her birth father, she seeks the help of the town’s attorney, the wickedly handsome, Charles Harrison. Abandoned as a baby by the town’s most influential man, Earl Loflin, Casey’s plan includes going to any length to shame the man who sired her. Charles sees her plan as a foolhardy attempt at revenge. He’ll do his best to protect her without resorting to the methods of his past. But when his past comes calling and Casey walks blindly into a trap, he’s the only man who can save her and any future they have together.

Cover Design by Ally Thomas

Cover Design by Ally Thomas


Charles Harrison, attorney-at-law and confirmed bachelor, enjoyed a good cigar more than anything.  The only thing more pleasurable than a quality cigar was a member of the female persuasion.  He could spend a considerable amount of time enjoying a pretty woman.  Watching a lovely lady stroll away was a favorite pastime.  The way her hips swayed causing her skirt to swing side to side in a lazy, come here cowboy, kind of way always entertained him.  Yes, a pretty woman was special.  He didn’t like to brag, but he had to admit to being intimately acquainted with the majority of the ladies in Tyler.  Releasing a tight circle of fragrant cigar smoke, he leaned against the wall in front of Jones’ Mercantile, smiling to himself.  Yes, he’d certainly enjoyed his fair share.  Glancing down at his pocket watch, Charles sighed.  The stage was right on time.  Settling the chair on four legs, he stood, stretching.  Several passengers were already gathering their belongings.  He was to meet a client, a special client, to be sure.  A client of questionable credibility though.

Her name was Cassandra St. Clair.  The name exuded sensuality, he decided.  No country bumpkin with a name like Cassandra.  No, this was a refined lady of class.  He’d checked out her background.  She’d been an orphan raised at the Tyler Mission near Fort Tyler.  Father Samuel at the mission hadn’t been forthcoming with any more information concerning the girl, only that she’d gone to school at St. Mary’s School for Girls in New Orleans, graduating several years ago before staying to teach.  He did learn she had a benevolent benefactor who provided her with a monthly check.

She’d contacted Charles asking him to locate her birth father, Earl Loflin.  The task hadn’t been hard at all.  Charles considered Earl his mentor, and surrogate family.  He’d saved Charles from jail and the gallows years ago.  Insisting he go away to West Point with his son, Seth, Charles had gotten an education before becoming an attorney.

Instead of handing it over to a private investigator, his decision to take on her request personally centered on the reason Miss St. Clair wanted to find her father.  He couldn’t say with all honesty he trusted the woman or her motives.  Earl Loflin owned more than half of Smith County.  She needed to prove to him without a doubt she was who she claimed to be.  His interest pricked when he discovered she received regular visits from Maggie McCready and Jake Long, long time employees of Earl’s.  Why hadn’t Father Samuel told him about their relationship with the girl?  He searched the passengers again for the woman.

A female voice caught his attention.  A delicate young thing in a blue traveling suit stepped off the noon stage from Shreveport.  Charles’ heart jumped.

Her blond hair showed white in the sunlight.  Her trim figure bordered on petite.  Yes, a delicate little lady to be sure.

The Wells Fargo baggage handler tossed her bag in the dirt.

Only a moment passed before her mouth thinned in a tight line and she folded her arms across her chest.  He thought he could hear her tapping her toe from his post across the street.  The disbelief showed ripe on her face.  Charles grinned around the cigar clamped between his teeth.

The prank was one the baggage handler used often, usually on the least suspecting passenger.  The simple fellow found it amusing, he supposed.  Laughing to himself, Charles tucked his thumbs in the watch pockets of his brocade vest.  Smoke curled lazily upward in a spiral as misleading as his smile.  If he wasn’t completely mistaken, this young thing was his client.  The day was about to get interesting.  She sashayed with a purpose up the steps of the Wells Fargo office.  Any fool could see that.  Rapping smartly on the ticket window, she turned slightly, pointing to her bags lying in the dust before glaring at the man atop the stage, and with another jab of her finger, proclaiming him the villain.

Watching the scene transpiring across the street, Charles had to agree with the idea he was lucky to be present.  No one he was acquainted with could hold a candle to the fine boned, yet curvy blonde with a rosebud mouth, tiny waist and breasts which could fill a man’s hands nicely.  Oh, yes, things were definitely looking up.  He tugged at the bottom of his brocade vest before straightened his coat.  With a quick smooth of his hair, he took a step off the board sidewalk before squinting left and then right, an old habit.  One he wouldn’t lose anytime soon.  Resting his hand comfortably on the revolver strapped to his right leg, he checked it, making sure the strap was off as he walked out into the street.

“I said the baggage handler threw my bags on the ground.”  With a huff of frustration, she repeated her question.  “Did you hear me, sir?”  Her voice rang with irritation.  Continuing to point toward the Wells Fargo employee, she did her best to get the ticket clerk to understand, she’d been rudely treated and demanded an apology.  Her chin jutted.  Emphasizing her displeasure, she glared at the bumpkin with her hands fisted on her hips.

Charles had to admit, she cast quite a sight standing there in the noonday sun.


Comment on this article before March 7th (7 pm CST) and I’ll giveaway to 2 ebook copies of Catherine Wolffe’s Casey’s Gunslinger on Smashwords. View her profile there now.

Good luck everyone!

Ally Thomas, Author of the Vampire from Hell series

The Vampire from Hell: The Beginning – Part One (Free Download)
According to Rayea, the oldest daughter of Satan, the origin of vampires started in Hell, and it started with her. Here’s her story about how it all began. Rayea isn’t daddy’s little girl, even if he is the most powerful fallen angel around. He wants her to take an active role in the family business. But she’s not interested in his schemes for world domination. Instead she wants to spend her time shopping on the Internet, rescuing humans from a horrific eternity, and practicing martial arts with her seven foot hellhound. Then one day everything changes.

The ebook is a FREE download and available at Smashwords | GoodReads | Apple iBooks | Barnes & Noble Nook | Diesel  | Kobo. It’s also at Amazon as a Kindle ebook for FREE. Amazon UK

Part One is also Available at Amazon in Paperback and Available at Barnes & Noble in paperback.

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Happy Hump Day with Victoria Embers

Click image to read Conquest for FREE.

Click image to read Conquest for FREE.

Today I’m celebrating Hump Day with an excerpt from one of my books that is free! Download at Amazon | Smashwords | Kobo

It is from Conquest (My Vampire Lover #1) that is currently out.

Read the Snippet

MATURE ADULT CONTENT – These stories, featuring vampires and werewolves, are for mature audiences only. They contain adult language, violence, and strong sexual content including some light bondage situations. All characters depicted in these stories are 18 years or older, and all sexual activities are of a consensual nature.

Gently he ran his fingers across the side of my face.

I leaned into his large hand, unable to resist the sexual magnetism that made him so confident for a vampire.  My powers to fight him had steadily faded each night we made love.  I raised my chin, exposing the contours of my vulnerable neck to him, knowing it would please him if I finally surrendered.  “So be it,” I muttered.

“Even if you survive, they will kill us if I turn you.”  His fingers laced around strands of my blonde hair as it cascaded over the contours of my firm breasts.  He squeezed one of the nipples hard.

A low moan slipped past my lips.  “We could leave this place,” I whispered.  “Together.”

I immediately wrapped my hands around his cock.  He was hard as steel, yet smooth as velvet.  When he throbbed in my grasp, it sent me to my knees.

Slowly I took him in my mouth as I placed my hands behind my back, offering my complete obedience.  If it was to be my last night on earth, I wanted it to be perfect.  Surely the presence of the full moon would ensure a successful change.  But a vampire turning a werewolf?  Was it possible?

As I lavished the taste of him, moving up and down on his shaft, he spread his toned legs wider, slightly bending his knees.

About Me

I split my time between being a stay-at-home mom and reading paranormal romance. I think good romance should make you purr while good steamy romance should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Because I love vampires AND werewolves, I wanted to write a series featuring both, and see what naughty situations they find themselves in. I’m currently writing a novella series called My Vampire Lover with a blend of paranormal romance, fantasy, and erotica featuring, you guessed it, vampires and werewolves.

If you liked this snippet and want to learn more about my novella series, My Vampire Lover, please visit my Amazon Author page at Amazon US or Amazon UK. If you stop by either Amazon page, please give it a Like. Thanks!

About the Dark Realm series, My Vampire Lover

Conquest (My Vampire Lover Part #1) – Caroline, a werewolf and princess of the Golden realm, has discovered a new love in her vampire captor. She’s willing to risk everything, even her life, to prove to him she loves him and has forsaken all others including her family and her pack.

Cover art by Sable Grey

Cover art by Sable Grey

Redemption (My Vampire Lover Part #2) – The story continues. Before Caroline fell for her vampire lover, she met Raphael, a warrior of the Dark realm under difficult circumstances. Raphael’s father, the dark lord Asmodeus is killing off her family and presents Caroline as a pet to Raphael. Caroline has secrets of her own as to why she let herself be taken and wonders if the vampire willing to help her escape is an enemy or friend. Realizing he must take action, Raphael works quickly to persuade the werewolf beauty who has claimed his heart to leave with him at once if he has a chance of setting her free.

Day of Reckoning (My Vampire Lover #3) – Releasing Late Winter 2013

Caroline has been granted permission by the Moon Goddess to seek revenge on Raphael’s father, the dark lord Asmodeus.  She will have her day of reckoning.  But Raphael is not about to let his werewolf beauty return to the Dark realm without him.  Both must assume certain roles while they plot their actions and protect one another from the dangers awaiting them.

Download Conquest for Free and start the series. Conquest at Amazon US.

Visit me at my blog or on Facebook or Twitter.


Meet Author Cinsearae S. (Diary of a Vampire Stripper)

DOAVS_BookCoverImageToday Cinsearae S. is on my blog. She’s one of several authors in the vampire anthology, Vampires Romance to Rippers an Anthology of Risque Stories that I am also in and I’m delighted to have her on my blog today.

Diary of a Vampire Stripper is the first novel in her series. Learn more at her website – or pick up the ebook on Amazon too – click here.

About the Author

Cinsearae S. is the Editor/Publisher of award-winning Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine and a graphic designer for Damnation Books and independent authors. Author of The ABRAXAS Series, Diary of a Vampire Stripper (Top 10 Finisher, P&E Readers Poll, 2012), and In The Beginning (published through Black Bed Sheet Books), Cinsearae is an avid lover of all things gothic and horrific, and is a huge Vincent Price fan. Her Etsy shop, Mistress Rae’s Decadent Designs specializes in one-of-a-kind creepy dolls, Steampunk/Victorian/Halloween inspired jewelry, accessories, and more, receiving Fright Times’ 2012 Award for Best Horror Collectible. She lives with her husband and two rat terriers, aptly named Hades and Chaos, and is a huge Vincent Price fan.

About Diary of a Vampire Stripper

Her best friend is a werewolf. Her boyfriend is a ghoul. And she really, REALLY can’t stand her vampire husband.

Audra Perez is hard up for cash and looking for a quick fix to her financial woes. After all, a girl needs a roof over her head, not to mention tuition for school. When she auditions to be a stripper and is chosen, things seem fine and dandy until a mysterious-looking gentleman starts to frequent the club. When they start exchanging friendly banter and get to know each other more, they begin dating against club rules.

One hot night at his beach house changes her life forever.

Things take a turn for the worse when Audra wakes up to find herself a vampire, her lover gone without a trace, and her ‘new’ life a horrid, laughable mess, as she handles everything with snarky, dry wit and dark humor. Dealing with jackassy clients is just the start of her gripes. And if you think vampires and werewolves can’t be the best of friends, think again. Did I also mention she’s dating a ghoul now? Don’t call him a zombie though, that only pisses him off.

And the relationship issues? Well, it’s not easy dealing with a boyfriend AND a vampire husband, so let’s not even go there…
Life’s a bitch, and then you DON’T die…


What is your book about and what genre are you writing in?

Diary of a Vampire Stripper is the hilariously awkward tale of a young woman named Audra who is trying to scrape by in a crappy economy by auditioning as a stripper. She does this as a ‘last resort’ kind of thing, so she’s surprised she’s chosen. After a while of working there, and finally making ends meet, she starts dating one of the customers, who she finds out later is a vampire, not to mention befriending one of the strippers at the club who (unbeknown to her at the time) is a werewolf!

Do you have a specific writing style or approach to writing your books?
I pretty much write in the ‘voice’ that I hear my characters speaking to me. They don’t talk all the time, but I’m also not the type of author that ‘has’ to write something every single day. I write when the muse hits me. *grin*

What would you say makes your vampires unique to the paranormal genre?
They don’t have a complete aversion to sunlight, and my MC prefers bird blood over humans. *grin* She’s also attempted eating tiny amounts of food because she misses it, but too much food makes her feel queasy.

What do you like about your main vampire character?
She’s snarky, no-holds-barred, and down-to-earth, but not without her own gripes, issues and flaws.

Is there one particular thing your vampires can do or vampire myth that you enjoyed creating for this series?
Audra’s still figuring out all the ‘cool vampire stuff’ she can do, and the one myth of vamps and weres not getting along is one of the myths that’s focused on in the book.

What is your favorite line, passage, chapter from your books?
The opening chapter is funny to me, because she’s telling everyone of her awkward experience auditioning at the strip club, the people who auditioned, and the name she gave to her (later on) best friend because of her ‘hairy attributes’. That had a lot of readers laughing.

What motivates you to write?
I write to get the voices out of my head, lol. If I try to ignore them, they’ll just keep on yakking and yakking….and yakking…. until I start writing. In the end, I hope to have created something that readers will enjoy.

What books have most influenced your life most?
Too many books to mention, lol! Contemporary novels bored me; I was and still am a fan of Stephen King. The first book of his I ever picked up was Pet Sematary, and I was in 8th grade at the time! Books by R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, and L.J. Smith were everywhere, lol. When it came to non-fiction, anything paranormal, like ghost stories, weird places and such were also all over the place. I loved learning about the creepier side of other cultures as well.

What authors have influenced your life and writing?
King and Poe. Poe wrote in a more ‘psychological horror’ style which I love. He didn’t need to mention blood and gore in his works to creep me out.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
King most definitely! He is the one single author I wish I could meet. I’d love to pick his brain and learn the ropes on writing from him!

What are your current projects?
I have a second anthology of short stories I’m working on, Creepy Crawlers 2: More Twisted Tales of Terror. The first one, Creepy Crawlers: An Anthology of Spine-Tingling Terror, isn’t all horrifying per se. It’s a good mix of dark comedy, erotic horror, and somber, gothic tomes, with one of the short stories included being a first place winner in the National Haunter’s Convention’s 2011 short story competition. CC2 will have the same variety of stories. I’m also working on Diary of a Vampire Stripper: Choices, in which Audra is going to have to come to terms with some things she’s been straddling the fence on, involving her vampire husband, and letting go of her once-human boyfriend., not to mention the crazy new plethora of issues in her life involving zombies, ghosts, and her best friend’s brother escaping from the psych ward.

Besides writing, do you have any other passions?
I’ve been bringing my own brand of ‘cute-’n-creepy’ to the world since 2009 with my Etsy shop, Mistress Rae’s Decadent Designs. I make zombie babies, creepy dolls, and Steampunk/Gothic/Halloween themed jewelry and accessories. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of anthropomorphic creations and insect jewelry. My shop also won the Fright Times Award for “Best Horror Collectible” in 2012 and was also featured on the news (channel 69 in Allentown, PA) at Parafest 2013 in Bethlehem, PA. I love what I do; it’s so much fun seeing what kind of creepy critter I can come up with next.

Who designed the covers?
I do my own covers. I’m also a cover designer for Damnation Books, as well as independent authors.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The editing. I can scour my manuscript for typos up to four times, and STILL find something I’ve missed before!

Are you an Indie Author? If so, what do you like about independent publishing?
I’ve had a couple of books published traditionally, but I’m predominantly indie. I love being indie. As an author, you have total control over everything from start to finish. It’s a lot more work as you have to put on several different ‘hats’, but it’s worth it! I get tired of the indie industry getting negative flak from critics, but I’m happy to see that a lot of people are becoming more open to indie authors.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Follow your passion! If writing is your love, don’t let anyone deter you from it! Also, choose writers’ groups carefully. I’ve found the few I participated in in the past to be worthless. Writing is mostly a solitary experience, but at least have one or two objective people you can share your work with and can help you out in the editing process.

If you were attending a Halloween party, what would your costume be and why?
Something with a sugar skull theme. I’ve seen so many beautifully designed skull faces, and Dia de los Muertos has a beautifully eerie aesthetic all its own.

What are your favorite hobbies?
I love doing ‘gothic’ photography. Ruined buildings, cemeteries, eerie looking places in nature, I love capturing it all. I love doing general nature photography too, although insects and birds are quite tricky subjects to photograph! I also love creating digital creepy art, especially zombies.

What’s your favorite love story? (movie or book)
Probably “Somewhere in Time”. There’s a few loopholes in the storyline, but overall, it’s very romantic, although bittersweet in the end… and I love Christopher Reeve. *grin*

Does Prince Charming exist? If so, briefly describe him.
I don’t believe in fairy tales; they’re just too superficial. I’m a realist, at least in that aspect, lol. If Prince Charming existed, every girl would have their own ‘happily ever after’. I’ll break it down this way: as long as the guy treats you with respect, lets you live your dreams and do what you want, doesn’t try to spoon-feed you any b.s., and loves you for who you are, that’s Price Charming enough for me.

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Click the image to view our free ebooks we offer.

Manday Monday Blog Hop (Nov. 4th) – Aidan Turner