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Vampire EyeCandy and Blog Hop

The Vampire Diaries’s 4th season is in full swing and that means two words to me – Ian Somerhalder.

He’s deliciously hot! And I think it adds to it that he’s a southern boy by heart. Of course I had to start following him on Twitter since he’s on there. Why not? Learn more about Ian.

What Am I Doing?

The progress on my confessions is going well. I’m excited about this new diversion I’m working with Ally Thomas on. I updated one sample recently. Click here to read it.

Blog Hop

Oh did you guys know I’ll be hosting a blog hop with Ally on November 9th called Autumn’s Harvest Blog Hop (sponsored by Carrie Ann). It should be a blast! Over 200 authors/bloggers are signed up and you can enter to win three different prizes! Details to be announced on Nov. 9th! I’ll reblog Ally’s article here. Stay tune. 

Be sure to “Like” my new Facebook page too, “Erotic Vampire Confessions by Rayea Rose with Ally Thomas.”

~rayea rose